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Museum of Violence

The Museum of Violence is a public archive in the form of art exhibition and educational and discussion platform, which derives its materials in medical findings, as final consequences of hate speech, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and physical violence.

The main exhibits are X-rays of injuries sustained in the public and private space as a result of social phenomena – discrimination, nationalism, chauvinism, fascism, family violence, gender biased violence, homophobia, racism and xenophobia.

The Museum of Violence was conceived as an open communication platform with the community, especially with the youths – teenagers and students - in response to the question - what kind of social values ​​we leave in inheritance to the generations to come.

The Museum of Violence, within the project "Touring Public Archive", has so far organized exhibitions in 17 cities and has implemented 274 Public School Hours, attended by 10,350 high school students together with 47 professors and school psychologists.


KulturPark's Mission

is youth education and support through special cultural and entrepren-

eurial programs, as well

as involvement in understanding and promoting the concepts

of human rights, gender equality, personal and public safety and open

civil society that actively and affirmatively

participates in the

European integration process.


"Violence is certainly

a touch of the worst order, possible the most terrible way of detection of human vulnerability in relation to other people, the way when we are without control given to the will of another, through which life itself can be swept away in the willing act of the other."

Judith Butler



The Balkan Trust for Democracy and Embassy of Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade

2021- 2022.

Beogradska opstina Palilula

2018 - 2021.

US Embassy - Small Grants Programme

2013 - 2014.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – Gender Equality Directorate

2013 - 2017. Open Society Foundation Serbia

2011 - 2012. USAID and the Institute for SustainableCommunities ISC

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